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Language Play Class Pack

For a quick start with our Educo manipulatives we created our Classroom Packs.Our Language Play Class Pack provides manipulatives to develop key concepts through discovering, creating and doing.

Pack Contents:
E522981 Search And Find
E523292 Build Together
E523210 Dividing Wall
E522030 Trio
E522763 Game card Holder (2x)
E523334 Me and my emotions
E522326 Opposites
E523122 Listen To This
E512245 Wooden game stand (49 x 8 cm)
E523352 Animal Doku
E522887 Combino Animals
E522806 Sound Tubes
E523285 Twins: Shapes
E522873 Tactile Box
E523300 What’s Missing?

Item Number: CP522201
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