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Split(s)box teacher

With this Split(s)box teachers demonstrate the partitioning of numbers up to 10. Fill the Split(s) box with as many balls as the number you want to partition.When shaken the triangle in the box divides the number of balls in two.

blue plastic box with sliding lid (36.5 x 23 x 4.5 cm)
10 yellow plastic balls (3.5 cm )

Item Number: J1552000

Available separately:

Balls split(s)box teacher

Price : 13.49

Plastic box with 5 yellow balls that belong to the Split(s)box teacher. To split up numbers over 10 and to replace lost balls. Contents: transparent plastic box (10.5 x 8.5x 5 cm) 5 yellow plastic balls (3.5 cm )


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